Jeremey Davis


Jeremey Davis is a legend in the triathlon race production world, and at just 42 he is looking to continue his triathlon career for many years to come.  Jeremey currently manages the South Carolina Triathon Series as well as the Ramblin' Rose Women's Only Triathlon Tour with Set Up Events and produces more than 20 triathlons every year.  Having sanctioned and produced  perhaps more triathlons than anyone in the world, there is very little that Jeremey hasn't seen, and almost nothing he isn't prepared to handle.  Having served as President of Set Up Events, a member of the USA Triathlon Race Director Comission and Race Director of Beach2Battleship (now Ironman North Carolina), Jeremey understands race budgets, marketing plans and event execution.  He also understands the business of triathlon and has proven over the last 20 plus years he knows how to keep events profitable.  As a two time Ironman finisher, Jeremey also knows events from both sides of the starting line.  

Running Events

Jeremey Davis owns and manages two of the largest half marathons in  the Southeast and works every year with dozens more running events.  As a RRCA Certified Race Director, Jeremey is well versed in what makes for a fun, safe and successful running event.    As an event owner he is working every day to make sure his events make a profit and has learned exactly what does, and doesn't, work when it comes to runs.   And as marathon finisher himself, he knows just what athletes are looking for in a race.  

Other Events

While runs and triathlons compose the bulk of Jeremey's race production career he also works with several non-traditional events.  No matter what type of endurance event you host, Jeremey has likely produced, timed or been a part of something just like it.